Style Shimmy | Personal Branding Photos

Liz is a friend and a vibrant spirit who has an amazing gift for styling her clients in a way that brings out their best, most confident selves while staying current with style.  Style Shimmy, her business, is a Seattle-based personal styling service that is incredibly individualized -- she's worked with every age, occupation and personal style.  Liz is thoughtful, warm and enthusiastic, and is a great resource if you're looking for a little wardrobe boost! 

We enjoyed a beautiful day in Pioneer Square for our photoshoot!  Special thanks to London Plane for allowing us to use your beautiful space.  Liz and I both love it for the amazing food and beautiful flowers.  It's the best place for weekend brunch in Pioneer Square!  Thanks also, to Clementine's for having us in your beautiful shop to get more clothing photos.  Liz brings clients to a variety of stores, and Clementine's has such a fun flavor! 

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