Lacy + Matt | Oregon Bridal Session

Oregon + Golden Hour = One extremely gleeful photographer.  I've been wanting to check out a rocky vast area called Government Cove for some time, so when the opportunity came up to do a bridal shoot for Lacy (who had the FLU at her wedding in December!) and Matt, I jumped.  

As a photographer, I often get asked if my shooting/editing style is "light and airy" or "dark and moody."  It seems like somewhere along the road a fork was created and you had to go one way or the other.  My style focuses on connection and emotion, but as far as light or dark, it all depends on the available light and the location.  Even in this single session you can see how plentiful sun and open space creates an airy look while a setting sun and dark rock wall has a moodier feel.  It's all good in my book!  As long as it tells the story and feels beautiful to me, the photo's doing what it should.

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