Deception Pass Couple Session

Brittani and Connor are the ultimate sweet love story.  They met and started dating in high school, got married and moved to Seattle with the Navy.  Brittani has an amazing YouTube channel where she shares her experience as a military spouse and just life in general!  Connor gets on now and then too and it's so fun to watch their story.  Check it out here.

We headed out in some brutal Everett traffic but we made it to Deception Pass and guys -- NO ONE WAS THERE.  It was kind of crazy, because it was the Friday night of Memorial Day weekend.  I've been up there several times, but I've never had such free reign.  It was pretty amazing!  We wandered around the amazing park and my photographer heart was in heaven.  Such beautiful lighting and so many great spots to shoot.  My absolute favorite part of couple sessions is watching the couple unwind and play together -- the pressure falls away and you just get into this amazing groove and make beautiful images.  Heart meets art, for sure. 

Enjoy the session!  :)