Taylor + Andy | A Sun-Drenched Discovery Park Engagement

As I sit typing this, I have my five month old baby laying on his little Nemo playmat with dangling fish and sea creatures — and It’s making me realize that Taylor and Andy’s was the first wedding I booked after having the baby. He was still pretty new when we headed out to do their engagement session. Those first few trips out felt triumphant, and coming back to myself after the very giving process of labor and delivery.

My favorite sessions are the ones where we have space to explore, when the time just flies, and there are chapters of laughter, sincerity, quiet and noise. These sessions seem to live and breathe, and rather than considering an individual photo, the gallery is experienced as a whole — one frame leading to the next in a cadence.


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Tatyanna + Diamond | Seattle Discovery Park Couple's Shoot

My favorite thing about doing photos of couples is learning their story and turning from strangers into friends in a very short window of time.  As we walked from the parking lot to our destination, we chatted about the drive, the weather, you know -- all the basic stuff.  Then within 10 minutes I had them playing in a field and knocking each other off a path.  There's just this moment where we all trust fall.  This is going to be fun.  It's going to be easy.  Let me take you on a wacky adventure and make some seriously beautiful and fun photos that will embody this moment of your life together.  Don't worry, I keep it moving and you'll never not know what to do. 

Ok, my cat is walking across my computer and you just want to get to the good stuff: