Ally + Josh | A Seattle Mountain Engagement

When these two reached out about their incredible wedding at the Astor Ruins next spring, I dearly, dearly hoped that we could work together. Ally’s vision for the day includes a sunrise first look and a morning ceremony overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Count. Me. In.

Meeting creative couples who really create their wedding day around their uniqueness make this job so much fun. Your wedding is such a great chance to pull out the stops and do a party YOUR way.

Also, Ally taught me this morning that chickens are the closest living relative of dinosaurs and now I want a daily fact.



Tatyanna + Diamond | Seattle Discovery Park Couple's Shoot

My favorite thing about doing photos of couples is learning their story and turning from strangers into friends in a very short window of time.  As we walked from the parking lot to our destination, we chatted about the drive, the weather, you know -- all the basic stuff.  Then within 10 minutes I had them playing in a field and knocking each other off a path.  There's just this moment where we all trust fall.  This is going to be fun.  It's going to be easy.  Let me take you on a wacky adventure and make some seriously beautiful and fun photos that will embody this moment of your life together.  Don't worry, I keep it moving and you'll never not know what to do. 

Ok, my cat is walking across my computer and you just want to get to the good stuff: