Lindsey + Jared | A PNW Forest Engagement Session

Meeting with Lindsey and Jared to talk about their wedding, I learned that I would probably definitely absolutely love them. Planning a private ceremony out in nature to be followed by a big bash with all their friends and family sounds like a dream. I’m so excited to be capturing their wedding day, and had such a great time with them during this session. I love this location — it’s not a big flashy spot, yet it feels like the perfect surrounding for intimate, joyful, sweet photos. I felt free to create, to pause, to see new things, and I loved it. I hope you do, too.



Keegan + Colin | Seattle In Home Session

We celebrated their new home (and new kitten OMG) with a photo sesh. Indoor shoots are always a bit of a mystery when it comes to light, but I loved the way the sun beamed through the window and cast a harsh spot right through the center of their place. You’ll see it! No two days are the same, even in the same home, so light is the biggest changing factor. Whether it’s dark and rainy or bright and sunny, an in-home session will usually always work. Feast your eyes!

Rachel + Jon | Lincoln Park West Seattle Engagement

I had completely forgotten that Rachel told me she was a dancer. We showed up to our shooting spot at Lincoln Park, wandered in a ways and I saw a great clearing to get started. I love open space and outdoor locations the most for shooting. No one’s around to watch, there’s room to move, and fresh pine air never hurt anyone. I digress. I forgot she told me she was a dancer. I told them to just move around together a bit while holding hands, more so I could work on my lighting and settings, and what I got was chemistry made visible with the way these two worked across this forest floor — all within 5 seconds. What followed was an hour of side-splitting laughter. I clicked about 3 million images this whole session and I just love it. I’m so excited to shoot their wedding next month.