Kimberly + David | Rattlesnake Engagement Session

I’ve known these two since grade school. I moved and was the new kid at the beginning of 5th grade — I remember going to a “cool kids” basement party the winter of that year and David was there. I tried to show off my dance moves to impress everyone. Pretty sure I embarrassed myself. Now he, the host of that party, and several other kids from that class will be standing in his wedding decades later. And I get to photograph the thing.

David and Kimberly live in Chicago, where I’m from, but came out to visit for a weekend and have their engagement session done in the great PNW. I, with a newborn and unable to travel, found this pretty awesome.

Kimberly is the kindest soul you’ll meet and saved someone’s life over the phone recently as a 911 dispatcher. So not only is she beautiful but she’s calm in the face of tragedy and comes out a winner. David’s the same nice kid I remember from all those years ago. They are just adorable together.

Enjoy their beautiful faces.


Tatyanna + Diamond | Seattle Discovery Park Couple's Shoot

My favorite thing about doing photos of couples is learning their story and turning from strangers into friends in a very short window of time.  As we walked from the parking lot to our destination, we chatted about the drive, the weather, you know -- all the basic stuff.  Then within 10 minutes I had them playing in a field and knocking each other off a path.  There's just this moment where we all trust fall.  This is going to be fun.  It's going to be easy.  Let me take you on a wacky adventure and make some seriously beautiful and fun photos that will embody this moment of your life together.  Don't worry, I keep it moving and you'll never not know what to do. 

Ok, my cat is walking across my computer and you just want to get to the good stuff:


Jasmine + Lance | Discovery Park Couples Session

If I could design a dream session, it would include a super-in-love couple, a golden sunset, a vast field and a warm breeze.  This session delivered on EVERY. SINGLE. ITEM.  Jasmine & Lance are two Australians living in Seattle and to witness their love for each other was heart-melting and lovely.  I usually prompt my couples to create movement and moments of connection, but these two were so in tune sometimes it felt like I wasn't even there (and I mean that in the best possible way).  As a photographer, I feel it's my duty to capture the love and connection exactly as it is right now.  I don't want too many of "my" poses showing up -- it should be a reflection of you.  I hope you love the session as much as I do! 

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