Seattle Wedding Photographer

 Let’s tell your story.

It’s about so much more than beautiful photos.


Your life matters to me, your story matters to me. You matter to me. You get the photos and a whole heck of a lot more.

take me with you



I don’t take this lightly.



On your wedding day, I know you. Not only am I telling the story, but continually reading you, knowing when and how to put you at ease. You can get pretty photos from anyone, but your experience with me is all-encompassing.

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First things first, there are no packages.


When you book me you get me, and how in the world are you supposed to know exactly how many hours of photo coverage you’re supposed to have?! And what’s this about a second shooter? Don’t worry, I’ll take care of the details. We’ll be emailing and chatting in the months ahead, I’ll be taking notes and thinking of you as I prep Tuesday night dinner, texting you when I have an idea for your portraits or when I’m thinking about you. I’ll be making sure your timeline is perfection, whether your hire a planner or not. And, most importantly, I’ll be making sure that you feel so confident and secure in front of my camera that your photos look truly, authentically, like YOU.

It’s an understatement to say I’m involved. I’m invested. This is mutual.

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You’ll sit down on your couch with your love weeks after your wedding has passed and with the only remaining thing a blurring memory. I text you to check your inbox, you click; your entire wedding day opens up in beautiful storytelling before your eyes, the memory restored and feelings returned. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll clutch your chest with a wave of overwhelm. You’ll love your photos with every cell in your body because the story is YOURS.



Full Day Seattle Area Weddings: $4000

Full Day Out of State Weddings: $5200*

Elopements: $1800 | before travel — Monday-Thursday only

International Weddings: begin at $6000*

Full Weekend Coverage: $8500 | don’t miss a second

*includes travel and accommodations




full of connection

feels like you

Portraits begin at $450

All work includes:

  • Assistance in planning from the second we say I do.

  • Exclusive Wedding Guide with tips for your best day, in photos and in your experience.

  • A friend, a collaborator, and an artist.

  • Coverage of your wedding day.

  • Optional second shooter.*

  • A beautiful gallery and slideshow of edited images that you can download and share.

  • Optional album design and print service.*

* additional fees may apply


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Further reading…

I was an English major, but my website guru told me not to get too wordy. But I just needed to sneak in some additional reading here. So here it is.

I do it for the love.

You’re my inspiration. Your story, your life, your physical being in this world. It’s not about anything except the connection you share. With every movement, look, word spoken, there’s an opportunity for me to catch a little corner of it into a little frame, click a button, and make art that gives you a piece of myself and preserves your beautiful, real, in-this-moment-never-again self.

I believe in images that are authentic and that tell a story. I look for details when I shoot: the way your dress catches light, the way he twists his new wedding ring. These little things capture the emotion of the day and are just as significant as your portraits.

I also believe in beautiful portraiture. My style could be described as “prompted.”  I don’t expect you to know what will look good in photos, so I bring the ideas. My clients say that I’m disarming and that I put them at ease. Everyone says they’re awkward in photos but I’ve yet to actually find that to be true.

In learning your story and understanding the unique dynamic that makes your relationship special, I understand what kinds of things to look for when I shoot.  You won't have to direct me on your wedding day.  I love it when, at the end of the night, my couple and I are standing just outside their gathering saying our goodbyes, and taking in the celebration from a slight distance, feeling like “we did it.” Joy in our hearts, both tired and energized; a day we will never forget.