Hi, I’m Emily Keeney, and I will take you through an experience that leads you to the freest version of yourself, in all your rugged honesty.

Hi, I'm Emily.

I'm a Seattle based lifestyle & editorial photographer. I grew up somewhere between the cornfields and the city of Chicago, and lived there until my husband and I packed up our lives and our cat and drove across the country, called by the mountains and water of the PNW.  As a child, my mom used to take me on weekend road trips listening to Van Morrison and U2, and those years created a yearning in my heart for adventure and a curiosity about new landscapes and people. I am trusting and loyal, a true Leo. I had a baby boy last year and my heart grew twice in size, rooting me even deeper in the belief that our stories are worthy of being told.  I believe in the lasting magic of interpreting truth into imagery, and that the yearning for visual storytelling is deeply human. 

I’m glad you found me.

Some fun facts:

  • I can touch my nose with the tip of my tongue. I was extremely proud of this in grade school and showed it off to everyone.

  • I love Star Trek. I'm currently watching Voyager, but The Next Generation is my favorite. I have a bit of a crush on Patrick Stewart.

  • I love reading, and memoir and creative nonfiction are my favorites.

  • My favorite thing to do is to head out for a drive with good music and explore somewhere I've never been before. Bonus points if there's a quaint little town involved.

  • My husband and I have been together for 11 years. We met because he was my guitar teacher. I stopped playing but never stopped loving.



Emily’s pictures are amazing - she captured so many fun and special moments on our wedding day that are so great to look back at, especially since it’s such a busy day and it goes by so fast. She is awesome to work with - her calm presence was very much appreciated on a hectic day. She is also very detail oriented and gives great advice about what will look good in pictures.
— Erin H.
Emily is an incredibly down-to-earth photographer and made our photo shoot feel natural and effortless. It’s clear she is passionate about her work.
— Adrianna S.
I’m so glad I have these photographs to look back on and cherish as Emily captured these intimate moments so beautifully. Her style is exactly what I like in photos: natural, relaxed and great quality.
— Lyndsey B.
First, and most important, our pictures turned out fantastic.

Working with Emily was amazing. She is passionate about what she does, and it shows in her photos. My (now wife) and I loved our time with Emily. She is lively and energetic and fosters an environment where it’s easy to let your natural self shine for her to capture.
— Devin M.