Kimberly + David | Rattlesnake Engagement Session

I’ve known these two since grade school. I moved and was the new kid at the beginning of 5th grade — I remember going to a “cool kids” basement party the winter of that year and David was there. I tried to show off my dance moves to impress everyone. Pretty sure I embarrassed myself. Now he, the host of that party, and several other kids from that class will be standing in his wedding decades later. And I get to photograph the thing.

David and Kimberly live in Chicago, where I’m from, but came out to visit for a weekend and have their engagement session done in the great PNW. I, with a newborn and unable to travel, found this pretty awesome.

Kimberly is the kindest soul you’ll meet and saved someone’s life over the phone recently as a 911 dispatcher. So not only is she beautiful but she’s calm in the face of tragedy and comes out a winner. David’s the same nice kid I remember from all those years ago. They are just adorable together.

Enjoy their beautiful faces.


Discovery Park Seattle Family Session

'Twas the night before Christmas (Eve), and this little family and I met up on an unbelievably sunny December day to capture some family photos.  With a 3 & 1.5-year-old you never quite know what will happen.  One of my favorite things about family sessions is that the kids are usually the creative directors!  Of course we pull together for a few nice family portraits, but it's fun to see what they come up with on their own.  Arya was busy looking for raccoons in the tall grasses for lots of the session which was adorable and hilarious.  Great family photos don't just need to happen in the summer and fall -- winter gives a unique light and beautiful glisten to nature.  To learn more or to book, head over here.  Enjoy the photos!

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